Thursday, September 22, 2011

frenchie's new hat...

Its been years since I have designed a new crochet pattern. I have been in a major slump.... not any more....((:

I designed a new hat for myself and my daughter quickly took it and put it on. It looks awesome on her ((:  I will be writing out the pattern and will have it on Etsy soon, I will also take orders for hats. Not to sure on the price yet.

well I must get back to my crochet hook...

until next time.....

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

never enough time...

I am consumed with all things crafty now. I finally got my crafting mojo back. It has been a while since I have crafted on a regular basis. I am really trying to work on prioritizing my time. I found that I spent way to much time dinking around and not enough time being productive. Now I need to fit my chores in around my crafting time.((:

I am making these amazing rolls today.  I will also finish my crocheted slouchy hat, gather some horse apples and make some chevre and feta cheese. Yep, Its going to be a busy day but a fun one.

I finished my first of many fall wreaths, there are so many different ones that I want to make I think I will hang one a week for the month of November (: My favorite parts of this wreath below are the things that I used off my farm. There is some milo that I pulled out of the hay bales that we bought for the goats. We have a lake that has lilly pads with gorgeous flowers on it in the summer, the flowers then turn into the best pods ever. These are pretty expensive in the store and it makes it even better that I can find them on my property.

Since the drought was so severe our garden died out really fast. I still watered the flower beds in the front yard and there were some mystery gourd seeds in the flower bed. One of the varieties of gourds is growing to enormous size as you can see below.  I am going to leave it on the vine to see how big it will get...

well its time to milk the goats and get this day started.

until next time.....

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

zipper flower tutorial

I am addicted to Pinterest, it is an awesome site with oodles of idea for everything. My latest obsession is flowers of any kind. My latest flowers are Zipper Flowers. They are very easy to make. I went to my thrift store and bought 35 zippers for a nickel each. Such a great deal. So here is the tutorial.

Supplies Needed:

One Zipper
Hot glue gun

This is what the zipper should look like when you start.

Cut off the end of the zipper and unzip it. Separate the two pieces. Save the zip thingy mabob... Not to sure what its called.

You will start at the end of the zipper to make the center of the flower.

Put a dab of hot glue on the fabric and fold over the end.

Put a line of hot glue on the fabric, and continue to roll the zipper up. You can make the center as large as you want.

Cut of the excess and set it aside. This is what my finished center looks like.

Now your going to cut the petals. Cut 8  3 inch long pieces of zipper. You can use the same zipper color as the center of you can change it for the petals with another colored  zipper.

These are my 8 petal strips.

Fold the piece in half and put a dot of glue on the fabric to make your petal. Do this with all 8 pieces.

This is what my petals look like.

Now your going to attach the petals to the center. Put a dot of glue on the petal and attach it to the back of the center.

Continue attaching petals around the center. This is your first row of petals.

Now attach the other petals in between each petal on the first row.

When finished your Zipper Flower will look like this. There are so many uses for the these flowers, hair clips, bracelet, broach, on a wreath....

Here are some other colors that I made earlier. You can change the look of the flower by changing the length of the petals.

I hope that y'all enjoyed this tutorial. Let me know if your confused with any of the steps. Happy Crafting. ((:

Until Next Time......

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Preparing for market day...

Today I have been preparing for the Leonard Farmers market on Saturday. I have tried to make it to the market for a few weeks now but have been hit with some roadblocks. Not this Saturday! I am selling my crafts, bread and canned goods.

Until next time...

Friday, September 2, 2011

hoard or collection???

I have always been a keeper of things. Even as a child I held on to things that most kids wouldn't keep. I have a lot of boxes marked "stuff",  because that is what is in them...stuff. As I have gotten older I have a lot more stuff. A lot of people would consider it hoarding. But i don't see it that way.

 I have always been a crafter so that explains a lot of my things that I keep. When I was in my teens I made earrings and wreaths. Then I started cross stitch, where I quickly learned that only those with bionic eyes can do this craft for hours on end. Then I started doing rubber stamps, I made cards and bookmarks and more cards. Then came the scrap booking, I have a huge rubbermaid tote full of fancy card stock, stickers, paper punches and this list goes on. Then I moved on to knit and crochet and this is where the hoarding/collecting really began. Yarn, yarn, yarn....It took over our home..... Literally.... I had yarn shoved in every corner of my house, buckets full of yarn in the garage. Every garage sale and thrift store that I went to I bought all the yarn I could find. My list of hobbies continues.... jewelry making, sewing, spinning, canning, gardening......

I cant be the only one who struggles with this right???

 Now before y'all call the show Hoarders for me please know that I don't have junk from floor to ceiling in my house. I don't have 14 storage units that my family doesn't know about or any of that other crazy stuff.... Or do I...... ((:

So how do y'all handle your collections???.... yes I said collections, cause its such a nice word, much nicer than hoarding...

I really enjoy my hobbies and don't plan on stopping anytime soon, but I am trying to control the over abundance of stash and supplies. trying.....yea right (:

I leave you with a picture of my latest hoard.... a new goat.... Her name is Pudge and she is so sweet and adorable. I now have 37 goats....(:

until next time.....